is turks and caicos the relaxation haven you knew nothing about?

Mama was in town and we wanted a quick getaway for some sun, sand and relaxation and all roads led to, you guessed it,




Four Nights in Turks and Caicos

If you’re looking for some warmth and a beach getaway, Turks and Caicos is simply that — beach, pools, water sports, seafood! Just think, everything water!

We spent a total of 5 days and 4 nights on this tranquil island and that was more than plenty of time to explore all the island had to offer. From the gorgeous ocean life to the Thursday fish fry festival, it is the perfect getaway for relaxation and water sports. From scuba diving to snorkeling, kayaking to simply lounging on the beautiful white sands beaches, this tiny island screams “breathe & relax” :)

If I am being completely honest, I struggled with what to write about this gorgeous island. It felt like I was busy everyday yet did nothing at the same time; now here’s why?

I woke up every morning before sunrise to do what? You guessed it!…

Watch the sunrise!

I am always in awe of the sunrise/sunset and I had heard amazing things about the sunrise peeking up the vast ocean in Turks and Caicos. So of course, I had to see it for myself! Trust me when I say, it was very well worth my daily 5:45am alarm — while on vacay I must add. If you know anything about me, I do not joke with sleep but I love the sunrise/sunset even more. The gorgeous sun peaking through the cloudy skies over the still (sometimes wavy) turquoise ocean with birds chirping aghhh… it felt like a page from a perfect book. The level of calm and peace i felt watching the sunrise every morning could not be captured in words and no photo i took did it any justice — not even remotely. Must i add, everyone needs to experience the level of calm in Turks, heck! anywhere in the world, at least once in their lifetime.

Cost of living on the island as a tourist can be quite high because tourism makes up the bulk of the country’s GDP so I would advise you prepare accordingly. Although flights can be very affordable considering its only a 3 hour getaway from the east coast, NY & Philly, hotel rates on average are very high. I stayed at the West Bay Club which averaged about $500/night +12% taxes for a studio. However, all breakfast and non motorized water sports were included for free at the hotel (think kayaking, water rafting, paddling etc.). They also offered free bicycle rentals at the concierge.

Speaking of concierge, the customer service at the hotel was top notch. everyone greeted us with great smiles at every encounter and the guys at the beach were extremely hospitable.

Transportation is also quite expensive on the island especially because there are no buses yet and the only options are taxis, private transfers and car rentals. I will recommend you get a rental if you are comfortable driving on the right side like they do in the UK. It will save you a ton of money if you want to get around the entire island, trust me!

You should also consider, no definitely explore the reef at Turks and Caicos. It has extensive sea life and maybe you’ll spot a reef shark, some sea turtles, snappers, groupers and more. I took a half day snorkeling tour at the reef and a trip to Iguana island with Island Vibes Tours. I also took a Sunset Sail Excursion on Grace Bay with my mom since she did not want to do anything that involved her getting into water. The apple fell quite far from the tree in my case, I guess! I would dive into anything that looks remotely like water lol. Both tours were amazing and the guides were very friendly and accommodating.

Some local food spots suggestions will be Mr. Grouper’s and Mango Reef. We mostly just ate at the hotel restaurants because mama was not up for the calling a cab for a 5 min ride just for food (biggest homebody i know lol)

Finally, you should definitely do a sunset sail/cruise of some sort. The vastness of the ocean against the sunset, sipping of some wine… aghh

Best life!

Ever visited Turks & Caicos? What did you get up to? kindly share in the comments below!

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