Travel Goals: Thirty Countries by Thirty, #30under30

Travel Goals: Thirty Countries by Thirty, #30under30

forget champagne and caviar — taste the world 🌍 instead…

She wanted to travel and sail the open sea

Beyond the shingle, seaweed and shells

Closer to the horizon where the birds flew free

Or to the arenaceous ground in diving bells.

— (excerpts from Open Water BY CARINA)

I have always wanted to travel the world... how cliche! Who doesn’t?

But no seriously, traveling gives me this sense of newness and freedom that somehow I could start life afresh; a clean slate — that by some means all my mistakes have been wiped away (you’d think I live some terrible life and I’m hiding from someone haha).  Don’t get me wrong; I still get anxious when I’m about to fly — anxiety about the flight itself, immigration, EVERYTHING! But I like it, I mean, to be honest I LOVE it — coming from a girl who loves roller coasters but is scared of them (maybe not) but still does it anyways (I once got a Dorney Park season pass and I went every weekend I was free — that’s the kind of love I’m talking about). You gotta love the thrill of emotions. I mean, WHAT IS LIFE!?

Griffith Park Observatory, Hollywood

Griffith Park Observatory, Hollywood

Okay, now I’m rumbling; let’s get to the point.

Truth is, I was scrolling through my instagram feed one day and I saw this post; sucks I do not remember the exact account (aggghhhh…). But this girl had a tattoo of the map of the world on her back with all the places she had been to shaded in. Let’s just say, I was immediately INSPIRED. 

Since I’m a very goal oriented person, on a cold sunny Saturday morning, while gazing in the clear blue skies, with the birds chirping… (jk jk — it sounded fancy writing this way haha), I had an epiphany and thought 💭 to myself (and run to all my close friends, fam and anyone who would listen)

What if I set a goal to travel and experience thirty countries by age thirty!?’

... #30under30

I’m 341 days away from my thirtieth (who’s counting) and sadly I’m only halfway there! (I acknowledge my privilege and blessing #BLESSED). But this means, we have just over a year to pack our bags and get our footprint 👣 to 15+ countries! So I’ll share my experiences, photos and tips along the way with you, if you’d rock this boat with me.

With a full-time corporate job and financial constraints (cos Lord knows we’re on a budget), this is definitely going to be a challenge, but I love challenges so bring it on 2019!

Feel free to leave your bargains, trip suggestions and more below and share any travel tips you may have, Okurrrr?

Sunset at Doctor’s Cove, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sunset at Doctor’s Cove, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Pix by  @focusshotsgh

Now let’s play a game!

Can you guess how many countries I’ve been to so far?

What are they? Comment below!

hint hint ... name that country flag ha!

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