Housewarming in the D!

The doors of a perfect house

Are open to love and closed to vice.

With people like you living in it,

Everything is sure to be sweet and nice


Housewarming in the D!

Whoop! She bought a house, so I brought the warmth...

Hiya boos,

So my Naij friend bought her first home and of course, her Ghana bae had to come warm it up! (Everyone knows Nigerians are legit in love with Ghanaians. Yes, I said it! Sue 👏🏾 me 👏🏾😅)

I was so excited when I got that call from my girlfriend one bright summer morning and she said  “girl!, I bought a house oo... (you know we Africans like to add ‘oo’ to every sentence for emphasis or maybe just because), ha!


pix by Burst

pix by Burst

Being a young African in the diaspora, it wasn’t only a great achievement but also inspiring that she could get to live her dreams in a foreign country while building wealth, security and of course, a home!

So you know what comes next right? Tell me you do please....

it’s time to partayyy...

Her birthday was coming up so it was time to take a trip to the D! (D- town / Dallas - whatever you wanna call it!) to warm up this new home, build some love in there and party 🎈. You should at least know I had to kill two birds with one stone right? (Shoutout to all my resourceful, multitasking queens & kings)

While down in the D!, I also got a chance to meet up with my longtime IG photographer friend, yes i said IG photographer friend @kwesithethird (NO, he does not only take instagram photos, haha) to take some photos for my longtime dream of starting a personal blog. We gotta start doing right? So this year, I’m doing!!!


Photo session with…

To say the very least, it was an eventful weekend filled with fun, laughter and moves and I’m glad I could share in the joy of a very dear friend. 


A note to my dear friend...

‘A home is the seed from which the plant of life grows and branches out into relationships, children, and happy memories. Best wishes on your housewarming and happy birthday’

Kindly take a look at some of the photos I took with Kwesi while in Dallas, TX.

Until next time boos,


PS: Who else qualifies their relationships by where they met or where the person originates? I wanna know!

Comment below your amazing stories I’m all ears hehe :)