Story Story — An Anecdote Told to Inspire

Hey hey, So this post is from January when I decided to embark on this blog journey. I did not get around to posting it because I felt it was terrible writing and (lets be honest here) I was terrified. However, here I am, 10 months later, after I grew some balls!

I hope this inspires you to share your story (ies) too :)



So last night, I read TheOddity’s blogpost from this summer entitled ‘That Odd Story’ and let’s just say, I was inspired. It made me ponder on why I have always wanted a blog of my own to share my journey... (you should check out her blog — she’s inspiring and shares great tips on college and life

Anywhoo, so here we go...

Everyone has a unique story, or let’s just say a plethora of unique stories (because let’s face it, no individual is just one story), but it is in our differences that we find commonality — that which we perceived as Unique was but the same


I’ve always been very private, because growing up, I realized very quickly how ‘different’ I was — I was not like anyone I knew and I felt I’ll be judged for it, So like any kid… Skrrr *clears throat* so typical me, I built a WALL; a thick wall to protect myself and guard me from this world. I have lived my life this way for as long as i could remember.

I moved to the United States for my master’s degree at 24 because I wanted to run away from the life I had back home in Ghana besides getting a degree and building a career, of course! But *running away from my fears* was a bigger motivator. (Trust me I had wanted to do this earlier at 18 and every year after that, but life! — Story for another day) Sounds pathetic but that’s my truth :(


Don’t get me wrong, my life in Ghana was a great life —good… uhm actually GREAT shelter, food, comfort, friends and family (I mean better than the average #GRACE). But I still felt the need to run. So it’s funny (well, not so funny lol - #oxymoron I know but I digress) how I have battled with this life of protecting self’ and now all I want to do is to connect, share, be open and FREE.

You may ask why now? Because as I’ve grown (especially during the last 5 years), I have learned that my unique stories may inspire others, motivate and make them grow. We are all literally living testimonies and our story(ies), yes your simple story could transform a life if not lives for the better. My biggest inspiration and learning have been influenced by the stories of many amazing people I have encountered. So I decided to share more, DO more and document it all.

But… I’m crippled. (not the cannot walk anymore kind of crippled but similar)

You see, all those years I protected myself from the world by creating that shield, I distanced myself from myself too! And now, I have to find myself to know myself and I have decided to go on that journey with you all. Judging from my last year alone, I can tell its going to be a roller-coaster of a ride so…

BUCKLE UP and enjoy the ride :)

I love to travel, I mean LOVE — there’s a special kind of adrenaline I gain from it (I think its because no one knows me there and I can be ‘FREE’). So throughout this blog, I’ll share my journey to self discovery, my travel shenanigans and style tips (cos hey why not? — everyone seems to love my style anyway! *shrugs shoulders*) and hopefully inspire you and help you with your own unique journey. 

I hope I can be an open book on this blog and pray that you following my journey  and reading my blog-posts inspires you to live your BESTEST life! (because truly I believe bestest is better than best, Ha!)

Much love,


So let’s play a game. In the comments below, create your Bucket list/Goal/Share a Story and come back and comment whenever you achieve anything on your list, until your list is complete. I will always be here to rock this journey with you!

Get Creative!!!