Welcome to tsobis.com. it is my hope that this site will remain a hub for you to explore everything travel and lifestyle and keep you inspired to live your best life. Thanks for passing by and I hope you stick around!

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Why Blogging…

Short answer…

I hope at least one person will find the beauty in my journey and BE INSPIRED





If someone had told me growing up, that blogging would make my name; I would have politely smiled and nodded in disbelief! I swore I was the most quantitative/analytical and reading/writing was never my forte. The only book I read outside my academics up until college was “baby sitters little sister” yes karen! (Major throwback right? Haha!)

As I grew however, I became more inclined to share my experiences through writing (I mean they say change is good 🤷🏾‍♀️) and that’s why I’m here today; to give you a little glimmer into my life and hopefully inspire yours positively with my stories and experiences. When i’m not working as an analyst in fin-tech, i’m either checking off my bucket list traveling and connecting with more of the world or documenting it all to inspire you to be your best self and live your dreams. Yes, YOU — because you dreams are valid and you should wake up and live them all!

Welcome to the family boos! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences if you resonate with anything I share. I look forward to connecting with you.

Until then, much love boos, 

Xoxo Tsobis 💋